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Ontario Greenhouse Vegetable Aliens

Yield: 6-9 Bell pepper aliens and 15-20 Tomato aliens


Mini Seedless Cucumbers Yellow, Orange and Red Bell Peppers Cocktail Tomato Grape Tomato
6 - Ontario greenhouse mini cucumbers


1 - Ontario greenhouse seedless cucumber


15-20 - grape or cocktail tomatoes


1 each - red, yellow and orange Ontario greenhouse bell peppers*


2 tbsp (30 mL) - herb and garlic spreadable cream cheese
candy eyes (from bulk store)
store-bought cookie icing in squeeze container


Create the bases for your aliens with the cucumbers. With a knife, remove the tips from the cucumbers so all the pieces will be flat, and then cut each cucumber into varied disks; from 3–5 cm high. Use the thin end of a spoon or fork to scrape out the soft, middle section to create a hole about 1-1.5 cm deep.
Cut peppers into strips of varying lengths. They should be only as wide as the holes in the cucumber bases.
Using the icing as glue, adhere the candy eyes to the tomatoes and pepper strips. Let dry a few minutes.
Create your aliens! The English cucumber bases hold the peppers. Fill each cucumber base with the cream cheese to help secure the pepper alien. The mini cucumbers are a perfect fit to hold the tomato aliens so they won’t roll away!
If water collects inside your cucumber bases, gently touch it with a paper towel to absorb it.
*Enjoy any leftover peppers in other recipes or to eat on their own.