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We're all on board for a Party


Seedless Cucumber Yellow, Orange and Red Bell Peppers Roma Tomato

Here are some of the options you’ll find on our board but get creative when you make your own!


Start with a variety of colourful Ontario greenhouse grown vegetables. Kids especially love anything mini so go for mini cucumbers, mini peppers and mini tomatoes! Add a hummus or dip too! We included tzatziki because it has a light, refreshing taste.
Create added interest by layering different bowls or platters on your board, using complimentary colours. You’ll see we used some white and glass bowls, a red dish that once held a floral arrangement, as well as a paper hot dog holder!


Make the food fun by adding special touches that you don’t see everyday. We included our cute Ontario greenhouse aliens, made by adding just one candy eye to peppers and tomatoes; with cucumber bases.


We also added fun sword toothpicks to keep our cheese and cucumber wraps together. Make these by using a vegetable peeler to slice your cucumbers…then fill with a piece of cheese, lunch meat or even more veggies like peppers! We used the same swords to make little skewers with more veggies and cubes of cheese.


Complimentary foods were added to keep things interesting. We included deviled eggs, mini salami sticks, popcorn and strawberries to fill up all of the gaps!


Have fun!