Greenhouse farmers share concerns over isolated agri-food employee treatment

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LEAMINGTON, ON – Responding today to media reports on inadequate treatment of isolated agri-food employees, Ontario Greenhouse Vegetable Growers (OGVG) share the concerns over the treatment of employees.


“Our farmers have been working tirelessly to adjust and adapt their businesses to care for their employees through the COVID-19 pandemic crisis,” says George Gilvesy, Chair of the OGVG. “We are alarmed by these reports and call on our government and health partners to ensure that the Red Cross and other responsible agencies are providing adequate care and support to isolated and quarantined employees.”


“If mistakes were made by any agency over the past few days, we think they have an obligation to acknowledge the problem, apologize to the workers, the farms as well as the community itself and rectify the situation immediately,” said Joseph Sbrocchi, General Manager of OGVG. “In this fast-paced crisis environment we do not want to engage in a blame game with our partners. However, it is clear that government agencies and health partners need to acknowledge these problems and ensure our employees are cared for and supported.”


“Our growers will continue to do whatever is necessary to protect and care for their employees affected by the COVID-19 pandemic crisis,” said Justine Taylor, Science and Government Relations Manager with OGVG. “The need for coordinated efforts focused on employee well-being continues to be paramount,” she added.


About OGVG

The Ontario Greenhouse Vegetable Growers (OGVG) represents approximately 200 farmers responsible for over 3,200 acres of fresh, nutritious, greenhouse tomatoes, peppers and cucumbers across the province. With farmgate sales of $950 million in 2018, support for over 13,000 jobs, a contribution of $1.8 billion to the economy and a consistent track record of growth, the sector is a valuable economic driver for the province. For an overview of OGVG’s COVID-19 initiatives see the following link.


For Media Inquiries, Contact: Mr. Joseph Sbrocchi, General Manager

Ontario Greenhouse Vegetable Growers

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Dr. Justine Taylor, Science & GR Manager

Ontario Greenhouse Vegetable Growers

32 Seneca Road, Leamington, Ontario N8H 5H7

T 519-564-4496 or 1-800-265-6926

Email: jtaylor@ontariogreenhouse.