Published January 18, 2016

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LEAMINGTON, ON – Ontario Greenhouse Vegetable Growers (OGVG) is pleased to announce that Foodservice Unit Manager, Michael Tuinstra of Dana Hospitality LP who runs the cafe at the Blount Canada Ltd. location in Guelph, has been selected as the winner of the second OGVG Celebrating Ontario Agriculture promotion and display competition. 


OGVG engaged over 20 universities and business dining locations throughout Ontario, providing tool kits, recipes and merchandising material. These resources were created to support menu initiatives, promotions and displays during Celebrating Ontario Agriculture Week. 


Working with OGVG resources, Tuinstra launched five colourful displays utilizing OGVG produce. His culinary team also introduced sever new recipes that feature Ontario greenhouse cucumbers, peppers and tomatoes throughout their menu. 


“OGVG is pleased to be a part of this promotion with Ontario hospitals and cafeterias and we look forward to working with foodservice partners in the future,” said George Gilvesy, Chair of OGVG. “In a competitive market new partnerships that support our produce in the foodservice marketplace will help sustain Ontario greenhouse vegetable growers.” 


About Dana Hospitality LP 


Dana Hospitality LP is a Canadian-owned food service provider. Their culinary team takes great pride in using fresh, locally-sourced and nutritious ingredients, preparing meals from scratch every day. Their goal is to transform the food service experience.


About OGVG 


The Ontario Greenhouse Vegetable Growers (OGVG) is a not-for-profit organization representing over 200 farmers who grow greenhouse tomato, cucumber and bell pepper crops in Ontario, Canada. 


For further information regarding this news release contact:

Rick Seguin, General Manager

Ontario Greenhouse Vegetable Growers

32 Seneca Road, Leamington, Ontario N8H 5H7 

(T) 519-326-2604 or 1-800-265-6926

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The Ontario Greenhouse Vegetable Growers increases funding to Migrant Worker Community Program (MWCP) in 2016

Published January 16, 2016

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The Ontario Greenhouse Vegetable Growers increases funding to Migrant Worker Community Program (MWCP) in 2016


Leamington, ON – For the past six years the Board of Directors of the Ontario Greenhouse Vegetable Growers (OGVG) has approved an annual grant to the Migrant Worker Community Program (MWCP). This year OGVG raised its funding by $5,000.00 for a total grant of $20,000.00 due to the increase in demand for the programs and services offered through MWCP.


OGVG was formed in 1967 as a not-for-profit organization representing over 200 members throughout Ontario who grow greenhouse tomatoes, cucumbers and bell peppers. The organization lobbies and conducts research on behalf of the Ontario greenhouse growers and promotes greenhouse vegetables at media and tradeshows.


As part of its corporate responsibility efforts OGVG provides financial support to MWCP on an annual basis so that it can achieve its goals of assisting the agricultural migrant workers integrate into the local communities while working in the Kingsville, Leamington and surrounding areas by organizing social, cultural, and recreational programs for them and festivals for the whole community.


MWCP programs include; an indoor soccer and basketball tournaments during the winter months; Mother’s Day and Father’s Day Celebrations; Health and Information Fairs; half-day bus trips to Summer Fest in Windsor and Point Pelee National Park; all-day trips to Canada’s Wonderland and Niagara Falls, participation in MOSAIC – A CELEBRATION OF CULTURES; a Caribbean and FIESTAS PATRIAS Independence Celebration Festivals, and a baseball league in the summer.


MWCP services include providing Spanish speaking volunteers to accompany migrant workers to medical appointments; consular outreach and liaison services; free on-site bicycle safety programs, and Spanish courses to members of the community who are interested in bridging the language barriers between them and the workers.


MWCP would like to acknowledge and thank the OGVG board of directors for its continued financial and moral support.


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For more information contact:

Claudia Suarez
Operations Manager