OGVG Response to Mucci International Marketing Inc. Convictions

Published June 6, 2016

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LEAMINGTON, ON – The Ontario Greenhouse Vegetable Growers (OGVG) is aware that individuals and companies related to Mucci International Marketing Inc., an OGVG licenced marketer, were before the courts yesterday answering to charges laid by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) for misrepresenting the origin of vegetables in the marketplace. Companies and individuals related to Mucci International Marketing Inc. pled guilty to six charges under the Food and Drugs Act; Consumer Packaging and Labelling Act; and Canada Agricultural Products Act.


The OGVG does not condone mislabeling of product and has been following the legal process closely. We view the convictions as a serious matter and we will be reviewing the evidence presented in this case, and will take whatever actions that we deem appropriate to protect the sector, our producers and consumers.


This is an issue that is of great concern to greenhouse vegetable producers.  We continually work hard to differentiate our products in the marketplace, and to make consumers aware of the advantages of purchasing Ontario greenhouse vegetables.  Incorrectly labelling imported produce as being Ontario product not only misleads consumers, but also negates the investment that Ontario producers make every day into producing a superior product to meet consumer demands.




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