Published May 5, 2015

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LEAMINGTON, Ontario-May 5, 2015 - The Ontario Greenhouse Vegetable Growers
(OGVG) are pleased to announce that effective today, Jacquie Trombley has joined
OGVG in the capacity of Marketer Liaison Officer. This newly established position will
be the primary liaison between Licensed Marketers and the OGVG Board and
Management. Through this position, it is the objective of OGVG to positively work with
the marketer community with the intent of optimizing the market value for Ontario
greenhouse vegetables and maximizing returns for producers, while enhancing the
overall consumer image of Ontario greenhouse vegetables and adhering to trade


Jacquie graduated from St. Clair College's Advertising, Marketing and Communications
Management program in 1997 and holds a diverse background in advertising,
marketing, corporate communications and project management. With over 18 years in
the marketing field she has worked for a large advertising agency and has experience in
financial and corporate marketing at one of Canada's largest financial institutions in
Toronto and has overseen a variety of marketing and advertising campaigns at a local
marketing company. Most recently Jacquie has been instructing in marketing at St. Clair
College in Windsor Ontario.


Jacquie looks forward to working with OGVG’s members and stakeholders. To contact
Jacquie, please call 1-800-265-6926 or e-mail her at


For further information regarding this news release contact:
Rick Seguin, General Manager
Ontario Greenhouse Vegetable Growers
32 Seneca Road, Leamington, Ontario N8H 5H7 
(T) 519-326-2604 or 1-800-265-6926
(F) 519-326-7842 (Email)